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Peter Wilson

Accountant Appointed 26th February 2019

David Harrison

COO Appointed 31st January 2020

Bill Dennison

Retired Dean of Education Appointed 1st September 2017

Paul Woodmancy 

HR & Marketing Specialist  Appointed 1st September 222




Martin Fleetwood (Chair) Achievement Partner, School Leadership 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2025
Ben Peck (Vice Chair)  Marketing & Communications Specialist 15th December 2020 to 14th December 2024
Yvonne Brown CEO Leading Learners Multi Academy Trust 15th March 2020 to 14th March 2024
Rob Elvin Solicitor  19th January 2021 to 18 January 2025

Martin Vevers

Teacher 14th October 2020
Elizabeth Whitifield  Assistant Academic Registrar 10th February 2023 to 9th February 2027
Trustees who have left within the last 12 months 

Denise Chong - 19th January 2023 

Senior HR Professional in Organisational Change

Giles Blessed - 19th January 

Property & Facilities Management Specialist 

Meeting Attendance