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Thornhill Academy Music Student Honoured with Sunderland Young Achievers Award

We are proud to announce that one of our outstanding Year 11 students from Thornhill Academy has been recognised with a prestigious Sunderland Young Achievers award. The ceremony took place on Friday, March 22nd, at the renowned Rainton Arena in Houghton Le Spring, where music student Caleb stood out among the city's brightest young talents.


The award, presented annually to exceptional young achievers, was handed to Caleb by Barry Hyde, front man of ‘The Futureheads’, and a former Thornhill pupil himself.


Caleb's passion for music sets him apart. A multifaceted talent, he excels as a singer, drummer, and self-taught guitarist. However, it is his extraordinary ability to discern pitch with unparalleled accuracy that truly distinguishes him. With a rare gift possessed by only one in ten thousand individuals, Caleb can identify any note played, even if four notes are played at the same time.


His involvement in the Young Musicians Project has been transformative. This collaborative initiative brings together young artists to compose and perform music while building confidence, wellbeing, and musical skill. Initially facing challenges related to neurodiversity, and struggling to find a place with like minded people, Caleb has emerged as a central figure within the group, showing resilience and leadership.


As well as currently studying for his GCSEs, including Music, Caleb is a drummer in his Indie rock band ‘Rokkari’ and their first single ‘Home’ is currently on Spotify.


Mark Leadbeater, Caleb’s music teacher at Thornhill, says: “Caleb's achievements serve as an inspiration to his peers and a testament to the nurturing environment at Thornhill Academy. As he continues to pursue his passions and make meaningful contributions to the arts community, Caleb exemplifies the spirit of determination and excellence.”