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Exploring the Skies: Career Insights Soar at Inspiring Aviation Workshop

Students at Wyvern Academy recently embarked on an eye-opening journey into the world of aviation, expanding their horizons beyond traditional roles as they delved into an array of career possibilities within the industry.

The initiative began with an engaging discussion led by Stuie, who encouraged students to think beyond the typical roles of pilots, cabin crew, and engineers. A captivating video presentation showcased a plethora of aviation careers, shedding light on unconventional paths such as fire and rescue, security, and even plumbing.

Gemma, a seasoned cabin crew member, shared first hand insights into her profession, offering a glimpse into the preflight meetings and daily responsibilities. Students were not just passive observers; Kardo took the stage by volunteering for a safety demonstration, and others got hands-on experience in security with a metal detector.

The event drew an impressive turnout, with 34 students filling the room, eager to learn about the diverse opportunities within the aviation sector. The feedback from one tutor group was overwhelmingly positive, with students expressing their newfound awareness of the multitude of careers available in aviation.

"My class enjoyed the talk and they said that there were a lot more careers in aviation than they had thought. I've learned how to be safe on an aircraft and would like more career talks" shared one student.

The enthusiasm was palpable, with students like Cian, Batool, Alexander, Leo, Imogen, and Jack expressing their enjoyment and appreciation for the informative session.

Imogen Y9 shared, "It's really cool and interesting to see the inside of a cockpit!"

Jack Y11 enthusiastically remarked, "Very enjoyable, brilliant – we should have more careers talks."

For those inspired to explore further, the organisers recommend visiting SimFly, the aviation education hub that hosted the workshop. SimFly's website includes additional resources, and their social media links can be found for ongoing updates.

The event not only broadened the students' career perspectives but also served as a testament to the value of interactive learning experiences. As the aviation industry continues to evolve, initiatives like these play a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of aviation professionals.