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Consilium Academies Celebrate an Exceptional Evening

The excitement was palpable as the Consilium Awards 2023 took place on Friday, 13th October at the illustrious Queens Hotel, Leeds.

This extraordinary event witnessed the participation of nine remarkable schools, with a focus on six awards deeply rooted in Consilium values:

Partnerships, Opportunity, Excellence, Integrity, Equity and People-Centred

Additionally, a new accolade, the "Central Team Member of the Year," was introduced to recognise the invaluable contributions of a pivotal team member from our Central Team. 

The evening was brought alive by a vibrant fusion of musical talents. The Ellesmere Park band, led by Danny McNamee,  delivered captivating performances, setting the stage for an incredible evening. 

Ellesmere Park High School music students showcased individual brilliance with some incredible solo pieces and Caleb from Thornhill Academy left the audience in awe with his amazing guitar and singing skills. 

The awards evening reached a breathtaking climax with a show-stopping performance of Secret Love Song by Year 11 duo. The pair received a standing ovation from the audience - a fitting tribute to this pair's outstanding musical talent. 

The evening was a resounding success, with attendees and participants experiencing an unforgettable evening of celebration, recognition and collaboration with colleagues and family members. 

Here is a list of our amazing winners: 

Equity - Hannah Rowell of Wyvern Academy 

Excellence - Eilidh Stuart of Ellesmere Park High School

Integrity - Hannah Mabbitt of Heworth Grange School

Opportunity - Grace Francis of Consilium Evolve

Partnership - Grace Collins of Buile Hill

People-Centred - Gabriel Todd of Armthorpe Academy

The staff winners were as follows:

Equity -  Kat Barton of Ellesmere Park High School

Integrity - Dennis Kwok of Wyvern Academy 

Excellence - Laura Powell of Moorside High School

Opportunity - Mark Leadbeater of Thornhill Academy

Partnership - Claire Bell of Heworth Grange School

People-Centred - Natalie Dennis of Washington Academy

Lastly, Shona Bailey was named Central Team Member of the Year.